The mission of the Hastings Prescott Area Arts Council (HPAAC) is to foster the arts in our communities.

Who is HPAAC?

HPAAC was founded in 2008 when a group of citizens decided that the arts were important in the life of our communities. HPAAC introduced events and programs for all types of artists and audiences in our communities. Today, the goals of HPAAC are two-fold: we organize our own programs and events and we collaborate with community organizations that believe the arts are essential in both the Hastings and Prescott communities. 

What HPAAC Does

HPAAC has been busy building the arts in our area for nine years! HPAAC helped organize the River Valley Band. This community concert band practices weekly and performs throughout the year. Our partnership with the Prescott community led to the establishment of the Orange Dragon Art Gallery. Each week, a group of seniors meets at the Hastings Senior Center for free arts activities. There is also a “Little Colony” painters group that meets in Prescott every Thursday morning. They are named in honor of a 1920’s group of painters famous in the St Croix Valley.  A Writers’ Workshop is held monthly at the LeDuc Historic Estate. An annual home and garden show, held in July, features gardens, homes, and businesses in Prescott and Hastings. Music concerts featuring all types of music are held throughout the year in private homes and public spaces, such as the new Rotary Pavilion along the Mississippi River.

In 2015, HPAAC initiated an Arts Scholarships for Kids program. This program provides funds for area children to take lessons in art, music, dance, and other types of art. In 2016, ArtSpace began construction of a 37-unit building along the Mississippi River that will be home for artists. HPAAC initiated the conversation between ArtSpace and Hastings in 2013 and has been a steady voice of support since the beginning of this process.

How can you support HPAAC?

If you believe that the arts are important in our community, please become an HPAAC member. You will find information about membership at Join HPAAC. You can also attend or support the HPAAC Annual gala.

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