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Here are a few bios and videos of local artists. To see more, please visit the Orange Dragon Art Gallery Artists page.

Reflect with Tim Spitzack!

Reflections book coverTim Spitzack is the author of "The Messenger," a work of fiction that offers a poignant glimpse of the heart wounds of WWII vets on both sides of the line, "Reflections from the Riverfront: essays on life in the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area," and several short stories.

He lives in rural Hastings and finds inspiration while exploring the river valley. He is working on a new novel about a man, a boat and a dream, and a book of essays that offer factual and fictional accounts of colorful historical characters of the river valley.

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Get to Know Dale Lewis!

artist Dale Lewis

Artist Dale Lewis is a Hastings Resident currently participating in the 2016 River City Sculpture Tour in Hastings, Prescott, and Stillwater. His work can also be found in many other cities across the country.

"I’m an Electrical Tech. and Machinist who worked for a specialized machine builder. After leaving the work force, I found myself with time to experiment with making mosaic sculptures. Eight years ago I bought equipment and started making welded metal sculptures. 

My hobby has become a fulltime obsession for me. I try to make each piece entertaining, one recurring comment I hear from people is that my art makes them smile. That’s what makes it fun! There’s no turning back now, this is what I want to do, when I grow up!"

To see his work visit: Dale Lewis' website

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Dale Lewis Interview


Meet Becky Amble!

Becky Amble

I enjoy creating paintings in watercolor, acrylic and oil.  I have painted over 300 watercolor paintings and feel most comfortable in that medium.  I paint florals and landscapes mostly.  I like the vibrant colors that I can create in acrylic and oil.  However, I have learned to paint vibrant colors in watercolor too.  I have loved art for as long as I can remember.  As I child my artwork was praised and as I grew older, I felt that other things were a higher priority.  I began painting watercolors over 20 years ago.  It is fun to paint and finish a painting that I like.  Sometimes I am not crazy about my painting and others will think it is great.  That is fun too, and makes me rethink my own self-evaluations. 

There are so many great artists and many great paintings. I love to look at a variety of art and find them all inspiring.  It is a joy to see the incredible work of the masters and I also find great joy in seeing the work done by local artists and friends of mine. 

I use traditional tools for much of my painting.  With oil, I often use a palette knife.  I like to experiment with various techniques, mostly in watercolor and acrylic.  Things like plastic wrap, napkins, foil papers, rubbing alcohol, salt and even simple water droplets. 

Vibrant colors are my favorite although I don’t always paint with them.  I also tend toward the reds, blues, purples in the spectrum.  Those tend to be my favorite colors. 

I also make art and jewelry in fused glass.  I started this about 10 years ago.  And photography is both an art and a tool that I use.  I enjoy photographing landscapes, flowers/plants, people and buildings.  I may use them as subject matter for my paintings.   612-327-6318